Our Deposit a Gift Registry!

Our Deposit a Gift Registry

You can browse our wedding registry if you follow the above link. Dana Ostomel, the founder of the company is amazing! She has been very attentive and helpful! Her website is a great idea for any occasion.... birthday, baby shower, graduation etc. I recommend this site to all my friends, family and aquaintances I am also very excited to announce that thanks to Dana I was selected as an expert Green Bride blogger!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Change of Plans... the first bump on the road and no flat tire yet

We had a chimney fire a few weeks ago. I am so very grateful that the events unfolded as they did, for all went well. No cats, dogs or humans lost their lives or were injured. No structural damage to the home. Just a bit of smoke inhilation and memories of my sexy fiance' running around naked with a fire extinguisher..... (I pulled him out of the shower by screaming "We have a chimney fire!!!") What does this chimney fire have to do with the wedding planning? During the insurance inspection post fire - we discovered that our roof is in need of major repair and possibly replacement. We won't know until the spring when we can get a contractor up there to evaluate. My Father and Quinn climbed up on the roof and did some 'damage control' temporary fixins..... BUT - permanent roof repair takes priority over destination wedding, unfortunately.

I am a bit sad about having to change the venue from Sedona, Arizona to Colorado. I do adore Colorado, but Sedona is so magical! I was really looking forward to traveling there again. Above all I believe in being 'open' and following the river, bending like a reed, going with the flow. I've opened my heart to the idea of hosting our special day here in Colorado and I am now completely warmed by it!

After a brief period of contemplating a variety of locations I settled on Pagosa Springs. There are so very many beautiful places in Colorado, but I wanted to find a special spiritual center. How lucky! Chimney Rock in Pagosa Springs is a grid point and spiritual center! We visited Pagosa earlier this year after Zac and Alan's wedding. It was a very beautiful town and it FELT nice. I'm looking forward to having our ceremony there.

We were lucky enough to find a house for rent right at the base of Chimney Rock as well!

More information on grid points, spiritual centers and Chimney Rock to come! For now.... a peek at the house.

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