Our Deposit a Gift Registry!

Our Deposit a Gift Registry

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Chimney Rock Adobe!

one of the homes built by Jim Hallock

It has been quite some time since I have had any doubts about vibrational, universal harmony and spiritual alignment. I know that when one opens oneself to an adventure, completely and entirely, giving of your true self, your highest self - the universe will deliver great and glorious things. Even still - it is always so warming, so wonderful and humbling to receive such gifts. At this moment I am overcome with gratitude for the turn of events for our new ceremony site.

I've been speaking to the owner of the Chimney Rock Adobe. I felt a connection with the woman who answered my inquiry right away and was certain that the house she was renting was 'the one'. When I contacted her to draw up a contract for the house I found out some very interesting information that makes this place resonate in perfect harmony with our life and dreams! I no longer believe that moving the ceremony was a 'bump in the road' it was a necessary detour. I feel so blessed to be going on such an amazing journey. Every discovery that has been unearthed about this couple and their home creates a deeper sense of gratitude and personal connection to them.

The home was built from earth blocks! Which are made from machine pressed adobes. Our dream to one day run an eco-resort has instilled me with the desire to learn about a plethora of earth friendly sustainable building practices earth ships, dome homes, geodesic domes, etc. Melanie first introduced me to compressed earth homes a few years ago. I read about them and thought how great it would be to build some of those at our resort one day. Discovering that the home we would hold our ceremony at was created with compressed earth blocks was an exciting discovery indeed, but it wasn't the only one!

The owners of the home are a couple that have been together for 31 years. The husband Jim Hallock built the home after discovering that Nora Hallock, the wife - had a chemical sensitivity. Jim has developed an international reputation and likes to refer to himself as a "trout in a puddle" due to the fact that there just are not many earth block builders out there! You can read all about earth blocks here at Jim's website. The numerous custom homes he has built have been featured in several national magazines. He participated in the creation of the nation's first compressed earth block building code for the state of New Mexico. Jim has 37 years of experience in the construction industry, is a pioneer in the industry and has dedicated the last 14 years to the promotion of earthen construction as a solution to many environmental and global housing concerns.

He is a charitable man who has spent the last few years focusing his efforts on providing affordable eco-friendly homes to the poor people of Zambia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Chiapas, Mexico, Guatemala and Chile! Jim was sent by the USDA, on several trips to Honduras, to assist with rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Mitch. Documents containing guidelines which he created for compressed earth block construction were disseminated by the USDA in Central and South America. He also founded the company Tierra y Cal, Proyectos Sustentables which works towards providing healthy, high-quality housing to people in need. Tierry y Cal is an institute located outside of San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico which offers workshops on earthen construction, natural plasters, and sustainable living. I want to goto there!!!
Just this past year Jim's institute forged an alliance with Mexico's branch of Engineers without Borders. Jim and Nora hope to land a spot with the International Engineers without Borders program at their annual meeting in March as their first global training site! So... keep your fingers crossed and send forth as much positive energy as you can for them. They seem like tremendous folks!
After a few short virtual conversations I know that we were meant to come into each others lives and am excited to have made new friends. I am looking forward to working with Jim in the future and am happy that I've gotten one step closer the journey to building an eco-resort! I highly recommend taking a few minutes to look at these pictures of Jim's work in Deslandes, Haiti, where he is training local crews in the construction of a school. I really Love seeing the smiles and the warmth of these people. There are more pictures of Jim's work all around the world here.

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