Our Deposit a Gift Registry!

Our Deposit a Gift Registry

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daydreams and Doodles.

My friend Christina recently launched a new blog to help pay the bills and to express herself. She is very very talented and intelligent and well versed. Christina is hillarious and a brilliant creative writer. I am always thoroughly entertained by her personal blogging.

Christina and I were discussing how lately she has been trying to come up with a plan to market herself and to make money off of her art... and it hit me! BLOGGER! She could easily build up a marketing network here in this fabulous blogging community we are all so glued to! She has what it takes. She's whip smart and has sass and savy... so I sat back and waited for her to put something together and show it off. Check it out! Psychodoodles is up! I am so happy for her... AND - I've been inspired by her to doodle. Yes - this DOES have something to do with the wedding planning and is NOT just a shameless plug for one of my best friend's blogs. ;)

please be advised - there is one nsfw image on her blog so proceed with caution round the office.

Remember the days when you were in school and you used to daydream and write hearts all over every notebook with your initial and the "love of your life's" initial? Well today I made a personal promise to myself after finding another kind of motivation. I decided to spend more time giving to my practice. More time in meditation. More time in ritual. Today while daydreaming and doodling I spent time making these super cute hearts! (insert image of hearts I made)

I'm not quite sure what I will use them for, but I really like Sarah and Michael's use of these hearts at their wedding! Check out their wedding over at Love and Lavendar!

Aren't these stunning?

While I was making these I cleared my head of any thoughts and filled my heart with Love for Quinn. I spent the time making these hearts from the catalogues piled up around the office that just get thrown in the trash eventually... there's me... upcycling again! /pat on back. Thank you thank you! It's important to me! With each letter and each line I sent forth a Loving vibration. As I started to allow thoughts to come back into my mind I created a space in which I was completely open and accepting and free from desire. Just giving Love. I repeated these words by Khalil Gibran... a sort of Love Guru for our relationship.

"Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself" ~ Khalil Gibran on Love

I am lost in the daydreaming and the doodling. It feels nice to be young at heart.

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  1. SO glad you are finding a doodle within you! :) Feels good, huh?

    Also, I very much appreciate your plug for me! <3