Our Deposit a Gift Registry!

Our Deposit a Gift Registry

You can browse our wedding registry if you follow the above link. Dana Ostomel, the founder of the company is amazing! She has been very attentive and helpful! Her website is a great idea for any occasion.... birthday, baby shower, graduation etc. I recommend this site to all my friends, family and aquaintances I am also very excited to announce that thanks to Dana I was selected as an expert Green Bride blogger!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Guestlist. An Intimate Affair.

Now the fun begins. Getting our ducks in a row. Setting up a schedule, budget, guestlist, etc.

I like to be organized and proactive.... being a Virgo it comes naturally....

I spent a few years as a party planner in my early 20s and was pretty damn good at it! I enjoyed the thrill of it. I found it ever so fufilling to engage myself creativily in designing an affair to remember. For every event that I planned I worked tirelessly on setting the mood, transforming a drab and dreary nightclub into an oasis for an evening. I am determined to pull this ceremony off without spending a fortune. I love crafting and expressing myself spiritually through symbolic representations of deeper meanings. I know I can do this! I have wonderful friends to help me and a beautiful and creative family as well.

Our ceremony will require a great deal of planning because we intend to do the majority of it ourselves. The budget being so tight restricts us from spending money on vendors and planners for the event.... but it will not inhibit us from assembling a wonderful handfasting.

In planning the ceremony we approached our first hurdle and of course - worked together to find the perfect place to meet in the middle. Quinn's idea of an ideal ceremony would include two people. Him and me..... and maybe the moon.... not sure if the moon is even welcome ;)

I personally would love to have two hundred of my closest friends and family.....

Quinn is such a wonderful man and I want more than anything for him to enjoy himself. I want him to be comfortable. I want him to feel entirely at home and open. I know that he needs space and privacy to feel that. I'm so grateful to have the people in our lives that Love us. While the guest list is small I will be keeping my heart center open and grounded in gratitude for the connections granted to me in this life.... I will have everyone I Love with me in spirit.

The Guestlist so far....

Wedding PartyAunt Betty, Uncle Louie, Momma Glick, Daddy Gitlin
Bridal party:Jennifer, Melanie, Taisir, Elena, Brooklyn
Grooms Party: Cole, Danny, Jakob
Friends and Family
Mommy El-Souessi

We have plans over the next couple of weeks to work on a project.... creating 'Save the Date' cards. Since Quinn is such a talented photographer I am hoping to put those skills to work. ;) We will be making our own cards of course!

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