Our Deposit a Gift Registry!

Our Deposit a Gift Registry

You can browse our wedding registry if you follow the above link. Dana Ostomel, the founder of the company is amazing! She has been very attentive and helpful! Her website is a great idea for any occasion.... birthday, baby shower, graduation etc. I recommend this site to all my friends, family and aquaintances I am also very excited to announce that thanks to Dana I was selected as an expert Green Bride blogger!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventure to Pagosa!

Quinn, Cole, Sharon, Brooklyn, Jakob and I took a trip to take a tour of the lovely Chimney Rock Adobe. What a wonderful journey it was. The house was as amazing as I had imagined it. The energy was warm and welcoming.
Quinn took lots of pictures. I've posted a few here for your viewing pleasure.

My handsome King.... taking a picture of this stunning image in a mirror.... which is hung in the entryway. I just felt so at home when I saw the bells by the entrance. What an auspicious sign!

What a gorgeous iron candelabra! I'm thinking of some making some small paper lanterns with battery operated led candles balanced upon the candle holders.


The kitchen.... such a glorious place to create! It will be so wonderful to spend time with my Loved ones preparing and infusing our delicous meals with Love and light. I am really looking forward to my time here.

The grand staircase.
From wedding thing

The staircase is gorgeous. I am thinking of lovely ways to decorate it! The ladies and I shall gracefully descend on the wedding day ~ to meet my Lover under the chuppa.

My darling friends Melanie and Seneca shall be staying in this amazing bedroom on the first floor.


That fairytale daybed is Jenn's little corner of heaven!

My Daddy's bedroom

The Master Suite

Downstairs there is a delightful game room. I figured this space would be an excellent place for the children to comandeer.........

The Best Man's Suite

I have a much better idea for planning the ceremony now that I have been to the house. I am very grateful to Nora, the owner for her suggestion of taking a trip to view it before our big day. The family time and the adventure was fun and I have fond memories of our big weekend!

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